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Dan Pyramid

US-born singer/acoustic musician Daniel Cordero is dazzling audiences throughout Mexico and the U.S. With a repertoire of well over 700 popular all-time favorites in both Spanish and English, he can usually play just about any request. In addition to his original songs, Daniel performs well-known oldies and contemporary rock, blues, ballads, reggae, and Latin classics, all in his very distinctive vocal and classical guitar style.

Additionally, Daniel sometimes adds a harmonica and uses a special pedals he made himself, which — when tapped appropriately with his feet — provide the accompaniment of drums, tambourine and other percussive effects. In his solo performances, this achieves a surprisingly full band sound.

During his career, Daniel’s projects have:

• won grand prize in a worldwide “Best of Bands” contest

• been named one of the top 10 independent musicians in North America

• performed by invitation in Las Vegas, NV

• received numerous international awards for originality, lyrics, vocals and composition.

We invite you to explore our site, listen to some great music and get to know this exceptionally talented musician.


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