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Back in the mid-’90s, toting little more than a guitar, a love of music and a spirit of adventure, two US-born teenage brothers named Daniel and David made their way to Jalisco, Mexico. Here, they discovered a country and a way of life that captured their hearts. Both chose to stay and build their lives and musical careers here, in their beloved, adopted country.

Mexico’s gracious people and music-filled culture provided a fertile ground for the creative duo. Even though they realized that it takes some long arms to reach the world music scene from a small pueblo southwestern Mexico, but that’s exactly what they aredoing, sometimes playing together, sometimes pursuing individual paths, such as Daniel, with his acoustic guitar.

Daniel spent his first years mastering various instruments, studying music theory for all genres of music, becoming a sound engineer, and composing dozens of original songs with his brother. Daniel has released four albums: two as lead singer in a group with his brother, one solo “unplugged” album (with another in progress), and one on Soundwave Therapy (60 minutes of extemporaneous acoustic guitar over healing tones and binaural beats).

Daniel is uniquely qualified to produce a CD geared toward sound waves, as Daniel is significantly hearing impaired. Instead of hearing the sound, he is one of those rare individuals who feels it through the vibration of the sound waves. Although completely self-taught and hearing impaired, several professional voice instructors have commented on his perfect pitch.

 When not on the road or performing at non-local events, Daniel divides his time between Guadalajara and his home in a small pueblo just south of there. He has also created a soon-to-be published music theory course

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  • Arnold Polanco  says:

    Hola Daniel. I met your dad at the INM office in Chapala on Friday, June 10. He mentioned your musical interests and I shared with him mine and my current plans to permanently relocate to Lakeside within the next 18 months and plan on bringing as many of my instruments as I can. By way of introduction, I am Arnold Polanco. We are spending the month here at our home in Ajijic before heading back to Texas. Would love an opportunity to meet sometime in the future and hopefully trade some guitar licks.


    Arnold Polanco

    • Daniel  says:

      Hello Arnold, my cel number is 331-767-4215 and I’m around the Ribera on tuesday’s and sometimes wednesdays. Just give me a call and I’ll see if got a chance to hang out 🙂

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